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It is a wonderful thing to be able to communicate with people from another culture in their native language. 
Conversational French

I've been studying French since I was quite young, and I continued those studies through my first two years of college, when I made the decision to get some work experience and return at a later time. It was a full fourteen years later that I returned, now as a much more mature student, willing to take on my education with renewed vigor. During the final year of completing my studies for a Computer Science degree—with a minor in French—I was offered a chance to participate in a work/study internship abroad at UTC (l'Université de Technologie de Compiègne), a technical university about fifty miles northeast of Paris. I grabbed the opportunity to apply to the program, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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I spent the following semester studying in France, attending classes at the university and working with a team developing software to help children with disabilities to learn life skills. Throughout that time, I lived with a very kind and encouraging French family in their rural home outside the village of Estrées-Saint-Denis. I heard and spoke only French during my whole stay, both at school and at home. The experience was educational and rewarding in so many ways, and nothing short of amazing!

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It would be a pleasure for me to help you learn this beautiful language, whether it's for a class you're currently taking or to prepare you for a continental excursion. ​Whatever your purpose, you'll find that learning and practicing in a one-on-one scenario is a very effective—and comfortable—way to develop your foreign-language skills! 

Venez parlons français!

(Come on, let's speak French!)

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My French proficiency rating: Advanced Plus

Conversational Spanish
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The United States is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. So if you don't have a particularly compelling reason to study something else, Spanish is what I recommend as your second language. And in my opinion, it's easier for an English speaker to learn Spanish than any other foreign language, so it's a good choice for most students. 

Although I studied both French and German through the college level, I never did get around to learning Spanish during my school years. So I've made it my mission over recent years to develop a Spanish curriculum for myself, and I've been self-studying throughout that time using a variety of resources that go well beyond phone apps—e.g., carefully selected textbooks, video tutorials, educational software, and audio CDs. Best of all, I have the good fortune to have a friend who is a native Spanish speaker, so from time to time I've been able to practice my verbal skills through both conversation and correspondence. It has been an enjoyable journey, and I plan to continue it... forever!

Meanwhile, I'm happy to say that I have added Spanish to my current tutoring repertoire. I can help you with the skills you need to succeed in your middle- or high-school-level Spanish course: I'll help you learn vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and pronunciation. So come on,

¡estudiemos español juntos!

(let's study Spanish together!)

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My Spanish proficiency rating: Low-Intermediate