It's about staying flexible—and being available
to all my students, all the time.
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The way I conduct my business now is considerably different from the way I began. Today I offer my students a much more convenient and efficient way of meeting with me. They connect to me in my home classroom from anywhere they choose—a quiet room in their home, on campus, or elsewhere. All they need in order to work with me is a computer or a smartphone, and an Internet connection. We can use video-chat apps such as FaceTime, Skype, Line, ooVoo, and WhatsApp. Or we can set up our sessions on the Zoom platform, which offers even more functionality.

Group Students Smilling
Student Doing Homework

During our video-chat sessions, students see me in my home classroom at my whiteboard, just as if they are in my classroom with me. Only it's actually better, because there's no travel and no hassle. This means more time and energy for lessons, and more focus on learning. When students need to reschedule a session or they need some urgent help, they can either call me or send me a text, and I'll respond quickly. And because I'm not spending hours each day on the road, I can give more students the help they need, exactly when they need it.

My students, their parents, their academic advisors, and I all agree that video-chat tutoring has allowed me to be very flexible and responsive, and our tutoring sessions to be especially productive. And in the end, all of this contributes to the student's success, which is our ultimate goal.