My work is to promote and support academic excellence, one student at a time.
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Tricia Morrow

I am a private tutor—mainly a math tutor, but also a modern-languages tutor. I work with students who study in public schools, home schools, and private academies, and with students in trade schools and colleges.


I began this work by helping several people in my own community who were having trouble completing the core requirements for their certificate or degree programs. Working with these adult students and watching them overcome significant hurdles to achieve their goals deepened my conviction that all students can attain academic excellence if they are thoughtfully guided and willing to be diligent in their studies.


I have been a private tutor for over twelve years now, joyfully serving children and adults across the United States and beyond. Their success stories continue to fuel my zeal. 


Teaching students one by one is not a "career choice" or a "job" to me. I recognize instead that this is the work which I am truly called to do. I am dedicated to it, and I do it to my best ability, but it is God who gets the glory for every bit of good that comes from it.

To all my prospective students I say this: I have a heart to help you succeed, whether it's with one class or several, or if it's to help you gain entrance to a particular school or program. I know that together we can strengthen the foundation of your education, and that this will better equip you for whatever you choose to do next. I know this because I believe that a life with a sure foundation has no limits.

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Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone,

a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation. 

Isaiah 28:16